Resistant Dollar Spot Cultivars?

Dollar spot is a major disease of creeping bentgrass in the cool temperate regions of the world. Considerable effort has been put forth in trying to develop cultivars that are resistant or at least highly tolerant to dollar spot. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin evaluated 8 creeping bentgrass cultivars for dollar spot resistance from 2009-2012 (1). Of the 8 eight cultivars only 2 showed partial resistance – Declaration and Memorial (Table 1). The researchers reported that despite exhibiting patial resistance in Declaration and Memorial all eight of the cultivars developed a substantial amount of dollar spot in all three years.

If you have been thinking about renovating your greens to a newer creeping bentgrass cultivar to reduce the amount of fungicide needed to control dollar spot, we may still be a ways off... at least in Wisconsin.

Table 1. Dollar spot severity on eight creeping bentgrass cultivars as reported in the study referenced below.

Penncross135 ay113 b359 b
Declaration60 bc61 c 228 c
Memorial44 c36 c275 c
Penn A-191 abc76 bc388 b
Penn A-4101 ab206 a380 b
LS-4499 ab99 bc388 b
Syn-96104 ab175 a518 a
Penn G-2109 ab199 a 542 a

X = average number of spots per plot (4.5 m2)

Y= Means with the same lower case letter within a year are not statistically different according to Fisher’s Protected LSD

Reference Koch, P. L., and Kerns, J. P. 2012. Relative resistance of creeping bentgrass cultivars to Sclerotinia homoeocarpa and Typhula incarnata. Online. Applied Turfgrass Science doi:10.1094/ATS-2012-1022-01-RS.


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