You will need more than two wheels to ride your bike


GTNI'm sure you know many of the benefits that cycling can bring to your life. Even if you included the bike only on the short routes of your day by day routine, this would allow you to exercise more, stress less and therefore help you to take care of your health.

In addition, the bicycle pollutes less and occupies less space in traffic, which in turn contributes to nature and to the quality of life of us all. But so far, I haven’t said anything new. You may even have some more complicated questions, like, but is it safe to ride a bike? Many studies have indicated that it is. The percentage of accidents and assaults are much higher among drivers than among cyclists.

So, why is your bike still getting rusted in the garage?

Information is really important in our lives, but if information was enough to make people change their attitude, no one else in the world would smoke or eat fast food anymore. Why do we act in a manner that sometimes is not beneficial to others and sometimes not even to ourselves?

The answers obviously vary on each case. When comparing the benefits of using the car versus the use of bicycles we can mention the following: having a car is a status, "this is more than a car is an achievement." Having a car is also a way to have privacy in the midst of urban chaos, among other things. However, what I want to emphasize is that we often prefer the car to the bike simply because we are addicted to immediate pleasures, especially the pleasure of comfort.

Our addiction to the pleasures is not useless. Ephemeral pleasures do have a role in our happiness. And face it, pedaling uphill is not always a pleasurable activity, especially considering the incredible coincidence that there is a hill on our way.

What to do then?

I believe the first step is to be aware that start riding your bike requires a much deeper decision than just buying a bike. You not only need information about the subject, you also have to convince yourself that this information make sense to you…how do you want to live and influence the people around you?

I agree, this exercise is not so simple. But you will know you have completed it when the pleasures of health, fitness and the awareness that you're part of something bigger are more significant to you than the pleasure of comfort.


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