Who Will be Our Next Heroes?

On February 9th the Brazilian environmentalist Paulo Adario, director of Greenpeace's Amazon campaign, received from the UN the award of "hero of the forest" of Latin America and the Caribbean. During his speech Paulo made a very interesting statement: "We must admit that the title of "hero" brings an intrinsic recognition by the UN that the forests are still in great danger." What I conclude from this is that if we need a hero, it must be because we still need to be saved from something.

Given this prosperous period of economic growth in Brazil it may seem strange to say that we must be saved from something. But it is interesting to think: what will Brazil do to grow as a green economy, as our government says it will be? And most importantly: who is willing to make this happen? It is much more complex and difficult to develop sustainably.

We need professionals with the real ability to understand the human dimensions involved in environmental issues. And by human dimensions I mean political, economic, social and behavioral knowledge. Moreover, these workers need to make their teams understand and abide their ideas, the next "heroes" must know how to lead.

There are many "leaders" who do not lead. Many who should be leading are just managers. But how to develop leadership skills? One first and very simple step is to observe. I suggest you think about what are the characteristics of people who you consider to be good leaders. Allow yourself to learn from them. Good leaders also allow themselves to obtain good ideas everywhere and with anyone. They don’t only deliver tasks to their team but also do the follow up of these tasks “how was it?”

Our next "heroes" will be the leaders who know the Brazil’s richness (including those not counted into GDP) and they will work to make the country grow keeping this richness safe. Our heroes may come from large companies or small communities the impact is different, but their importance, is the same.

photo credit: http://www.creativeeducation.co.uk


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