Looks like moss, but...

In areas where pesticide use has been reduced or eliminated we will start to see weeds that were once novelties become more of an issue. From Canada, we have identified pearlwort (Sagina procumbens)on a few samples taken from putting greens. Pearlwort, which is also known as birdseye pearlwort, procumbent pearlwort, and beads pearlwort, can be easily confused with moss on short cut turf like putting greens.

Pearlwort forms a dense mass with very fine grass-like leaves. It will flower from April to September, producing small inconspicuous with four small white petals with for longer sepals. Seed can be spread while mowing and carried on soles of shoes.

There are several postemergent herbicide control strategies but all usually require repeated applications.

photograph courtesy of J. Paul Robertson


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