Green Kyllinga (Kyllinga brevifolia; Cyperus brevifolius, Kyllinga brevifolius)

Green Kyllinga is a tropical perennial weed that looks somewhat like a grass. It’s characteristic triangular shaded stem groups it in with other sedges like Cyperus spp. Green Kyllinga is often found in wet low areas. The ability of Green Kyllinga to adapt to most mowing heights makes is a problem on golf courses, athletic fields and home lawns.

Photograph 1. Green Kyllinga with a single round seedhead often with three short leaves just below it.

Control of Green Kyllinga is difficult. Control soil moisture as much as possible. Do not over water or promote wet soil conditions. In lawns and flower beds hand pulling is one means of control. However, due to an extensive rhizome system, this weed often regrows resulting in a continual infestation. Chemical control is difficult. Post-emergence control requires repeat applications of halosulfuron, MSMA/DSMA, and imazaquin. Other herbicides that have shown some effect include sulfosulfuron, sulfentrazone, and trifloxysulfuron. However, the check the herbicide label for specific application rate and turfgrass tolerance. Warm season turfgrasses might be sensitive to the herbicides based on rate.

Photograph 2. Rhizomes of Green Kyllinga

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