Goosegrass – has spread to cooler climates

Goosegrass (Elusine indica) is a very persistent weed in areas which tend to have soil temperatures between 17 – 18 °C for at least 24 hours. Goosegrass is known to have a white or silver color in its center and a smooth leaf base (Pic 1). The seeds will form along each spike in a distinctive form opposite each other and plants can produce as much as 50,000 seeds. Goosegrass will tolerate very close mowing down to 3.2mm and so can survive in greens surfaces. Goosegrass is susceptible to winterkill and this leaves unsightly patches in regions which experience strong seasonal variations in temperature. Control options vary, however reducing soil compaction and excess moisture in the soil profile will aid turfgrass growth and reduce competition from the problem. If aiming to use pre emergence control options – soil temperatures around 14-15 °C are a good indicator for pre emergent applications but this is a tight timing window and chemistries suitable for each turfgrass must be investigated prior to use.

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