Gabrielle Xavier: the promise of feminine golf in Brazil?

In a sport in need of females, the arrival of Gabrielle Xavier Soares can be considered a hope for this genre in golf.

Gabrielle, who is 13 years old will compete for the first time in Brazil this week. She has played golf for seven years in the United States. She is one of the most accomplished junior golfers from Florida. She has already one a number of national events.

Daughter of Maria do Carmo Fulfaro, former sports journalist, and Joseph Xavier Soares, twice Brazilian motorcycling champion and American champion, Gabrielle was born in Florida, lives in Weston and has dual citizenship. In seven years dedicated to golf she has already played in more than 150 tournaments at the local, regional and international level.

Gabrielle, who started golfing motivated by her father, who is also her coach, dreams, like any American child of getting sports scholarship to study at one of the leading schools in the U.S., but she knows that as a Brazilian she could represent Brazil in international competitions, including the Olympics. "When I started I did not realize that golf could be so important in my life," says Gabrielle. "Today, I know I can get a scholarship to the University, become a professional and perhaps represent Brazil in the Olympics," she says.

Gabrielle has already played and won tournaments at Doral, PGA National and Atlantis. Her next challenge is the 24th Brazilian Championship Youth Golf from July 31st to August 2nd at the Golf Club of Brasília, Distrito Federal. She will have the opportunity to compete on brazilian golf courses and adding points toward herfgolf world ranking.


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