Interactive electronic books will be the future of how we educate students and for the turf and golf industry how we communicate and sell to perspective customers. Recently we have posted some of the electronic books that we have made available on golf course management that integrate text, photographs, and video in an interactive learning experience. All of these books are only available on iPads. Why? Apple developed the software that allows for publishing books that are creative and interactive relatively easy.

We are not the only ones publishing iBooks. Dr. John Sorrochan has published a book entitled, Turfgrass Identification: Cool-Season Grasses - Dr. John Sorochan

One book that displays the full range of creativity that iBooks was published by Tenna Merchant, General Manager and Owner of Purgatory Golf Club n Noblesville, Indiana entitled More Heaven than Hell - Tenna Merchent. Tenna Merchent is also a professional photographer, but after viewing the book, who would not want to make the trip to Noblesville to play the golf course?

I think the ease and cost of developing educational and promotional books from a nominal cost to free will be a major way in how we communicate to students, professionals, and customers in the future.

iBooks that we have published:

Golf Course Management - Karl Danneberger

Golf Course Management: Advanced - Karl Danneberger

Winter Injury - Karolina Růžičková Höfferová & Karl Danneberger

Enfermedades de céspedes - Alejandra Acuña, Marcela Muñoz & Karl Danneberger

Doenças de Gramados: Patógenos de Solo - Aline Faé & Karl Danneberger

Rosas; História e Cultivo - Renata Mundim Ribeiro


Manejo del aqua - Alejandra Acuña & Karl Danneberger