Brazilian entrepreneur buys Orlando City football (soccer) team

The brazilian entrepreneur, Flávio Augusto da Silva, is now one of the principal owners of the Orlando City football team. Orlando City is currently a member in the United Soccer League (USL), the third most important league in the country. His goal is to take the team to the MLS.

Flávio is/was the Ometz Group’s CEO, a holding company with 16 entities, including the language school Wise Up, which is one of the sponsors of the World Cup 2014. Flávio bought Orlando City with two other businessmen, with a strong assurance the Orlando team will receive an invitation to join the MLS. Among the basic requirements of joining is that the team is owned by a group of stable investors and a stadium with a minimum capacity for 18,000 spectators will be built.

Flávio Augusto believes that the popularity of soccer is growing in the United States and will continue to grow especially in areas where there is presence of Latino immigrants , like Florida.

Flavio says about his new acquisition, "The potential of soccer is great and I will take Orlando City to the MLS. We have chosen this team because Brazilians love Orlando. In addition, the city is great for investment in soccer and in each game, an average of seven thousand fans attend the stadium. We are ahead than other places in the USA and this is the reason why we are investing here"

To reach the dream of playing the main U.S. division, Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, and Don Graber, commissioner of MLS, secured the support of the Brazilian project. According to the club, a study shows that if it comes to the major league, the team can generate for the city 1.3 billion over the next 30 years. The estimate cost for the new stadium is $ 220 million, while a franchise costs $ 100 million.

Flavio Augusto started the language school “Wise Up” in 1995, at age 21. The business has expanded to more than 400 units throughout Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, China and the United States. In early February, he sold his business, for 900 million dollars to “Grupo Abril”.

The entrepreneur is a great enthusiast of entrepreneurship. You can find out more about him on hisFacebook page named “Geração de Valor”, which is followed by more than 1 million fans, the majority of his followers are great enthusiasts of his business projects. On his page, Flávio gives tips on how to have a successful entrepreneurial attitude.

Facebook: Canal Geracaode Valor


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