Brazilian Golf Courses Selected for 2016 Olympic Pre-Training Sites: Broa Golf Resort

This week the GlobalTurf Network (GTN) is publishing a series of articles introducing five golf courses in Brazil that were selected as pre-games training sites for Rio Olympics 2016. Today we introduce you to the Broa Golf Resort.

Recognized as one of the finest golf courses in the country, Broa Golf Resort excels in quality of services and a diversity of facilities for golfers. Affiliated with the Federation of Golf, it is a 9-hole golf course with four distinct starting tees (par 72), totaling 6,434 yards. The course also has a practice facility containing a 300-yard driving range, putting greens, and a short course practice facility. The club house is exquisitely decorated. The clubhouse grounds consist of a stunning landscape, wildlife and pond that are integrated with a meeting facility for social and corporate events.

The Broa Golf Resort is headquartered in the city of Itirapina, in the countryside of São Paulo state (Southeast Region of Brazil). The resort was founded in 1980 and has one Golf course with an area of 300,000m2.

Itirapina is a city located in the centre of São Paulo state, in the Southeast Region of Brazil, and sits at an average altitude of 733m above sea level. The city has a population of 15,528 (IBGE index), is approximately 647km from Rio de Janeiro and is close to other important cities in the region, namely São Carlos and Brotas.

The venue offers infrastructure complete with accommodations, first aid and massage rooms. It also includes a restaurant and café on site, as well as areas for leisure and relaxing for delegations, who may also take advantage of exclusive private areas with multimedia resources for meetings and briefings.

Experience in sporting events:

The Broa Golf Resort has hosted the past three editions of the Torneio Aberto de Golfe, a Brazilian competition. In addition to this event, the venue regularly hosts other state tournaments and accommodates both professional and amateur athletes.

Broa Golf Resort
Rodovia Municipal Ayrton Senna, km 08
São Paulo
Mr. Fernando Xavier Galetti
+55 19 3575 1136 / +55 11 9898 7351
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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