Classic Golf Hole: Biarritz

A unique type of golf hole or more specifically the putting green is known as the Biarritz. The original hole was the 3rd hole a Par 3 at the Biarritz Golf Club in France. Willie Dunn, Jr. before moving to the United States to design Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in the 1890’s, helped his brother design the Biarritz golf club. Unfortunately, the club no longer exists.

The Biarritz type hole is a medium to long Par 3 that is characterized by a large green that has a gully that cuts through the middle of the green. It is important that you’re shot lands on the appropriate side of the gully where the flag is located. Bunkers are normally located along each of the green to protect the two sections.

The drawing and photograph are based off the Biarritz style golf hole located at the Greenbrier Golf Club in West Virginia. The course was designed by C.B. Macdonald and Seth Raynor.


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