Classic Golf hole Design: The Cardinal

The 3rd hole at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland is known as the Cardinal. The Par 5 hole measuring 482 yards gets its name from the large bunker complex that cuts through the middle of the hole. The vertical face of the bunker lined with railroad ties makes for an intimidating shot. The tee shot is normally laid up short of the bunker face with the second shot clearing the bunker landing in an area that has numerous moguls and mounds. Out of bounds that runs along the entire right side of the hole contributes to its intimidating nature.

Photograph 1: Drawing of the Cardinal hole

Photograph 2: Looking back toward the tee from the top of the huge bunker that cuts through the middle of the hole.

Photograph 3: View of the elevated bunker face with the railroad ties

Photograph 4: The approach or 3rd shot to the green with moguls and mounds present in the fairway.


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