Classic Golf Hole Design: The Redan Hole

The Redan hole is one of the most famous, and complex Par 3 designs in golf. Named for a fortress mainly constructed from earthworks, the original Redan hole is the 15th hole at the West Links of North Berwick in Scotland. It was designed by the greenskeeper David Strath (1876-1979).

Although the original has been copied, the best designed Redan Hole is the 4th at National Golf Links, Long Island, New York (photograph 1 & 2). The characteristics of the Redan hole is a green set at 45 degree angle from the tee that slopes from right to left. The green is protected by a bunker complex in the front. The hole captures the essence of strategic design. Depending on the wind, and pin placement the route or shot required varies. A frontal assault over the bunkers is rarely the ideal way to play the hole.

author Katerina Pak is GTN Country Lead for Russia. You can find her at Global Pokrov


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