Brazilian Golf Courses Selected for 2016 Olympic Pre-Training Sites: Damha Golf Club

What do you know about Brazilian golf courses? This week GlobalTurf Network (GTN) presents a series of articles introducing the readers to five Brazilian golf courses selected as pre-games training sites for Rio Olympics 2016. Today we will introduce you to Damha Golf Club.

Damha Golf Club opened only 5 years ago but has already become an important destination for Brazilian golf. The latest ranking of the American edition of Golf Digest, published in May 2012, ranked Damha Golf Club fourth among 115 golf courses in Brazil.

The Damha Golf Club is the first golf club in Brazil to have established its own department of marketing and sales for the purpose of increasing golf membership, sponsorships and attracting business events.

The club's official 18-hole, par 72 golf course has a distance of 7,155 yards. The venue also offers a 9-hole, par 27 executive golf course with a distance of 1,040 yards. Other amenities include one 25-tee driving range with a distance of 350 yards, two putting greens, a chipping green and a bunker practice area.

Damha Golf Club offers the golfer a pre-training stretching and warming-up area, a restaurant and café on site, an exclusive rest area. The club has controlled access and security personnel on site. Since its inauguration in 2006, the venue has hosted regional, Brazilian and international, youth and senior category sporting events.

The Damha Golf Club is headquartered in the city of São Carlos, São Paulo state (Southeast Region of Brazil). It offers two Golf courses for training, one of which is an official course, and the other directed to the amateur public. São Carlos sits at an average altitude of 884m above sea level. The city has a population of 221,936 (IBGE index).

Experience in sporting events:

Among the events held at the venue, the most notable were the 56th edition of the Aberto de Golfe do Brasil (Brazil Golf Open), the Faldo Series South America and the XVIII Campeonato Brasileiro de Golfe Sênior (Brazilian Golf Championship).

Damha Golf Club
Rodovia SP 318, km 234
Fazenda do Urso
São Carlos- SP
Márcio T. P. C. Marques
55 16 2106-6053
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