Brazilian Golf Courses Selected for 2016 Olympic Pre-Training Sites:Brasília Golf Club

This week GTN has introduced you to four brazilian golf courses selected as pre-games training sites for Rio 2016. Today you will meet the fifth and the last one, The Brasília Golf Club

The capital city of Brazil is Brasília which is a planned city that was designed in the late 1950’s by the architect and urban planner Lucio Costa. Upon completion of the original design Brazilian Ambassador Wladimir Murtinho met with at that time President John F. Kennedy to present the plans for Brasília noting that the original design did not include an area for golf.

President Kennedy asked architect Oscar Niemeyer and urban planner Lucio Costa include an area for the development of a golf course. Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa must have honored President Kennedy’s request because golf course designer Robert Trent Jones, Sr. was chosen to design Brasília Golf Club, the only course designed by him in Brazil.

Brasília Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course that measures 6,788 yards. It offers training space including three putting greens and one 300-yard driving range. If you check out their website Brasília Golf Club each hole is mapped out using GPS.

The club offers changing rooms, restaurant, café, meeting/briefing rooms, facility-owned parking, recreational area for athletes (with swimming pool and sauna) and social area with cable TV, Wi-Fi internet access and a multimedia room. The club rests in an area with easy access to the city's commerce, service, transport and hotel infrastructures.

Brasília sits at an average altitude of 1,172m above sea level and is 1,148km from Rio de Janeiro. The city has a population of 2,570,160 (IBGE index). The defining vegetation of the Federal Capital is called the "cerrado" known as the brazilian savanah. The city was built from a Master Plan (Plano Piloto) and its architecture and design are admired by architects around the world.

Experience in sporting events:

The most notable events hosted at the venue were the Campeonato Aberto de Golfe, the Torneio Internacional Faldo Series and the Campeonato Latino-Americano Golf Channel. Today, the club's structure is also used by the Brazilian Confederation of Golf for the Brazilian Open Amateur Golf Championship.

Clube de Golfe de Brasília
SCES Trecho 02 Lote 17
Asa Sul
Federal District

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Mr. Péricles Leadebal Toledo da Silva
+55 61 3224 2718
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